Paratie Plus 2020

Brand new version 2020 will be released soon. Main new feature include:

  • a new solution strategy with stage subdivision to improve convergence;
  • a general improvement to SLAB elements;
  • soil parameter estimate based on Marchetti flat dilatometer (DMT) tests;
  • many new improvements in slope stability and  seepage analysis.

 Please contact us /our agents for further details


A remark on DXF import

Following some comments by Paratie Plus Users, we inform you that Paratie Plus converts all the coordinates into Global Reference System (Global UCS).  When local UCS are active, the coordinates displayed by Paratie Plus may differ from those shown in the CAD environment.

We recommend activating Global UCS before generating DXF file.

7ICEGE – Rome 2019

Paper no. 10470

“A numerical study of ultimate lateral capacity of pile groups”
B. Becci, N. Cardella CEAS s.r.l., Milano, Italy M. Carni Harpaceas s.r.l.,Milano, Italy

Excel file implementing proposed procedure

Unzip this document to obtain a procedure to assess laterally loaded pile group capacity, according to cited reference.

Note that such procedure is not too much optimized, i.e. a simple search procedure is implemented. For information contact authors.

Options to include partial safety factors according to Eurocode or NTC (Italian code) are also included.

The Excel file (with macros) is protected, however you may remove protection using 7ICEGE password.

Comments are very welcome