PARATIE PLUS 18.0.1 and new Italian Code

A new version of Paratie Plus 2018 is available. Download from

This version amends some minor bugs and improves structural checks options .

Moreover, as you may know, new Italian Code  is being officially issued soon. We are already implementing necessary modifications to  comply with NCT2018. Current version (NT008) will be available as well due to the very long expected transient time toward NTC2018.

In our best knowledge, the impact of NTC2018 on flexible retaining wall design should be quite minor.

In particular Design Approach 1 has been confirmed as the recommended approach for flexible retaining wall design. This is completely in agreement with actual procedures offered by Paratie Plus since its early versions.

Moreover, according to NT2018, also Italian designer will be urged to consider unplanned excavation conditions, as already recommended by Eurocode 7.

As for seismic design, seismic pressures have been apparently increased due to higher  β factors for both slopes and walls. However such increase is somehow counterbalanced by the removal of material (soil) partial safety factors for seismic conditions, in DA1C2.






PARATIE PLUS 2018 almost ready

There are several new options in PARATIE PLUS 2018, which will be released in few days.

A most important feature is represented by the improvement of Slope Stability post-processing options: now you can carefully inspect all slice data (interslice forces etc.) and eventually detect any hidden analysis problem.

Various additional new options are offered to improve PARATIE PLUS usage in everyday activities. For example, now you can easily inherit soil properties from existing models; you can get seismic data (for Italy) through a direct access to PGA database; you will also appreciate a much faster response of reinforced concrete checks (10 time faster) and so on.

Thank you for relying on our engineering software.