Paratie Plus at a glance


A complex 2D seepage analysis with Paratie Plus

What Paratie Plus is

It is a 2D engineering tool for the design of opencut excavations. Surrounding soil may be retained by flexible walls, whose design is the main purpose of Paratie Plus. The interaction model between soil and walls is based on the so called non linear spring approach: a simple yet accurate method which is suitable for most retaining wall problems. In addition to retaining wall analysis, Paratie Plus offers several additional calculation options for geotechnical engineers. It is possible to run a slope stability analyisis with Limit Equilibrium methods, a true 2D seepage analysis for either confined or unconfined problems, and a complete set of structural checks according to most popular Design Standards and Limit state approaches.
PARATIE is the Italian word for bulkheads.

Retaining wall

Retaining wall problem including seepage interaction

What Paratie Plus is not

Through Paratie Plus, we offer a unique set of reliable tools for everyday design activities. At the same time, we, as developers of this program, are professional designers first as well as the oldest Paratie Plus Users. So we continuously strive to clearly highlight Paratie Plus limitations, along with its merits. Paratie Plus is not a full 2D analysis tool. In other words, it does not offer the same capabilities as those that may be found in some popular modelling tools for geotechnical analysis, like FLAC or PLAXIS. It does not analyze the soil-structure behaviour by a continuum based finite element mesh or by a finite difference grid. It is not suitable to give complete answers to all those problems in which some overall movement in the soil may be a concern. Paratie Plus is not a suitable analysis tool to perform true dynamic analyses of retaining walls, i.e. modelling the transient behaviour of the wall during earthquake. And so forth.


Paratie Plus gives clear answers to nearly all the questions arising in most frequent retaining wall designs; it also provides a valuable starting point in the assessment of results obtained by more advanced yet complex analysis tools. For these reasons, Paratie Plus is being used since about three decades ago by so many important designers.

Slope stability

Slope stability analysis using Morgenstern & Price method